Personal Spiritual Technology

We live in a Holographic Universe, where every part is intimately and ever connected to the Whole. When we remember our wholeness, we discover the freedom to transform our malleable reality.

Imaginal Holograms begin with a Personal Fractal Hologram based on the clients numerology. An intuitive fractal energetic  image is created, that captures the essence of the soul. The Imaginal Hologram takes the personal hologram and encodes it on the surface of a 3 dimensional sacred geometry form. An animation is created with beauty and movement that has a profound effect on the body and the soul. This is a magical tool for manifesting new realities

Product Includes: A comprehensive numerology report (80+ pages), a Personal Fractal Hologram (digital) and a Imaginal Hologram (5 min custom animation with music)

“The self in a toroidal Universe can be both separate and connected with everything else.”