HoloPhotonics 3.0

Transformational Mobile App for IOS and Android

A Most Beautiful Transformation

HoloPhotonics (HoloGraphic Light) is a revolutionary breakthrough in BioFeedback technology. Utilizing decades of science and the beauty of fractal integration, this mobile app opens the soul to receive light and healing in an extraordinary way. Designed to compliment a multitude of healing modalities and Quantum Energy Healers, HoloPhotonics works beautifully for home use as well. Holographic Light Activation is at the heart of this immersive technology. These beautiful fractal holograms by International Fractal artist and intuitive healer Keith Allen Kay. open the soul to receive the healing intentions through each session.

Several powerful processes are used to determine the greatest opportunity for transformation. Spectral Image Scan evaluates an image of the client or a selected image that represents a desired outcome, Frequential Voice Analysis determines subtle indicators of opportunities for immediate manifestation, transformation of patterned challenges, and vibrational shifts.

The combination of light, sound, color and movement, has proven to be a powerful experience. It is a gateway to the total parasympathetic where we may then find healing. This is a winner, it is beautifully spiritual. Loving it.

People Heal People

Technology can act as a wonderful conduit for healing, however, true healing happens at a soul level, person to person, soul to soul. This extraordinary technology does not do the healing, at best it helps create an environment where healing takes place. HoloPhotonics acts as an intuitive catalyst for working with clients or your self. The holographic feedback is remarkable for releasing stress and fear so that one can enter into a state of healing.

Fractal Holographic Technology

Scientific evidence now suggests that we are living in a Fractal Holographic Universe

Reality is malleable

Our thoughts create what we experience

When we move beyond our history and stories

We are free to transform the conditions and environments of our lives

  • Engineered with love

    Love is All there is. HoloPhotonics 2 was rebuilt from the ground up, designed to open the soul to the beauty and majesty of life.

  • Recharging the Soul

    Our soul is a Fractal Hologram, bathing in this remarkable light energizes in the most organic way.

  • Powerful Frequencies

    Underneath the music are subtle frequencies that support vibrant living.

  • Unlock Infinite Potential

    We are more than we have ever imagined! When we move beyond the expected and assumed, we open doors to amazing new realities.

Quantum Heart Activation

The Heart is beyond wonder. This soulful technology is designed to encourage the Heart to open to the beauty of life. Each Fractal Hologram has a unique resonance that invites the soul to move beyond assumptions and fear.

Quantum Sacred Geometry

All New Holograms in this Section

Ancient wisdom sees the infinite potential opened through Sacred Geometry.

This panel unlocks hidden wisdom of the soul, taps into the mysteries of the ages. Each Fractal Hologram is encoded with the power of Sacred Geometry.

Quantum Light Activation

We are Light! Our Souls dwell in perpetual sustaining Light.

As you work with this panel, our physical bodies remember the Light, release shadows from judgement and open our divine luminescence.

Quantum Energy Centers

All New Holograms in this Section

Often referred to as chakras, our Energy Centers are portals for remarkable transformation.

Each center activates our intuitive powers to create new realities and enter to richer, more meaningful potential.

What people are saying about HoloPhotonics

My clients love the Light Bath, I mean they LOVE it!!!!! My calendar is completely full for the first time in years

I start all my sessions with the HoloPhotonics, my clients seam to open up so quickly, so beautifully.

I have witnessed so many amazing shifts with the HoloPhotonics. My clients often ask “What was that, what just happened?” I just quote Keith, “Magic!!!”

Wow, I love this technology! My practice has shifted, my patients have shifted, I have shifted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!